National Disaster Management Authority Government of India

Role and Responsibilities

  • To conceptualize and fix contours and definition of mitigation projects along with the identification and description of the various interventions required. These tasks will be carried out through an inclusive and participatory process involving extensive consultation with the Central Ministries/Departments/State Governments/Union Territories and other stakeholders.


  • To formulate Detailed Project Reports (DPRs) duly describing all the support systems, i.e. financial technical and managerial resources as well as the techno-legal regimes required. For this experts/agencies need to be engaged, on an as required basis in terms of the Government rules and regulations.


Responsibilities of Communication and IT Sub Division as per Cabinet Note:

  1. Formulation and implementation of National Disaster Management Services (NDMS) Pilot Project and Decision Support System for Handling Offsite Nuclear Emergencies (DSSNOE)
  2. Establishment and management of LAN and WAN at NDMA
  3. Interaction with Nodal Ministries, Forecasting and Early Warning Agencies
  4. Interaction with Central and State Govts. and related Departments on IT and Communication matters
  5. Advise NDRF Bns on IT and Communication matters
  6. Interaction with service providers