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PRESS RELEASE:Earthquake Mock Exercise in Haryana: Table Top Exercise held


Earthquake Mock Exercise in Haryana: Table Top Exercise held 


NEW DELHI, WEDNESDAY: The National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) today (December 20, 2017) conducted a table-top exercise at the State Emergency Operation Centre (SEOC) in Chandigarh. The exercise was held in the run-up to the State-level mock exercise on earthquake preparedness to be held in Haryana tomorrow (December 21, 2017). 

All District Collectors and their teams participated in the exercise through videoconferencing. The districts confirmed that their Disaster Management Plans (DMPs) had been updated, Response Teams identified and other preparations for the exercise had been put in place. This was followed by presentations by various stakeholder departments. 

The table-top exercise was conducted based on scenarios created in collaboration with State Departments as per seismic mapping and other related hazards. 

Independent observers were briefed about their role and standard feedback forms were given to them. Sites for the mock exercise and administrative arrangements were finalised. 

The exercise was attended by senior-level officials of the State Government, representatives of stakeholder central agencies, all district collectors and their teams. 

Earlier, a Coordination and an Orientation Conference were also held to ensure the smooth facilitation of the mock exercise, which is being conducted by NDMA in collaboration with the Haryana State Disaster Management Authority. 

The National Disaster Guidelines significantly focuses on Prevention, Mitigation and Preparedness for a disaster situation. In its efforts towards improving the management of a disaster situation, NDMA regularly conducts such mock exercises across the country.  So far, NDMA has conducted more than 600 mock exercises in different States and Union Territories, which is an ongoing process.