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Other Activities

Schemes/Studies Completed

(i)Brahmaputra River Erosion Study

A study on ‘Brahmputra river erosion and control” was awarded by NDMA to IIT Roorkee. The scope of the study included:

(i)Satellite Data Based Assessment of stream Bank Erosion of main stem Brahmputra and its major tributaries

(ii)Hydrological date processing and Analysis

(iii)Runoff and sediment modeling in a sub basin of Brahmputra River and recommendations thereof

IIT, Roorkee has submitted the report. The study has identified erosion vulnerable sections of Brahmaputra River. The study report has been sent to Ministry of Water Resources, CWC, Brahmaputra Board and the Government of Assam.For detailed report click here


(ii)Preparation of Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Map of India (PSHA)

NDMA undertook a study on Development of Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Map of India (PSHA) for creation of a national database catalogue of earthquakes for seismic hazard analysis, which included, development/selection of strong motion attenuation relationships for six or seven different seismogenic regions of the country, and development of national PSHA map for Peak Ground Acceleration(PGA) and Sa at Bedrock level on a grid of 0.2º x 0.2º for different return periods.This study coupled with the Geo-tech Investigations envisaged to cover the deficiencies in the existing database. The Structural Engineering Research Centre, Chennai. (SERC) who undertook this study has since submitted the Report.For detailed report click Link/Icon

(iii)Geo Technical Investigation for Seismic Microzonation of Indian Land Mass

As per the decision taken in the National Workshop on Seismic Microzonation of the Indian Land Mass held on 16.7.2008 the Working Group of Experts for Geo-Technical Investigation was expanded by inducting additional Geo-Technical Experts to prepare the Technical Document on “Geo Technical Investigation for Seismic Microzonation Studies in India. As the necessary expertise and facilities required for undertaking the above mentioned assignment was available with Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, they were awarded the work for preparation of Technical Document for Geo Technical Investigation for Seismic Microzonation of Indian Land Mass.

The scope of the project included preparation of a technical document giving all the relevant details about Geotechnical/ Geophysical Investigations for Seismic Microzonation. The Technical Document addresses geotechnical inputs needed by structural engineers for design, retrofitting and construction work at a given site that may have liquefaction potential. This technical document is intended to serve as a reference document for geotechnical aspects of seismic microzonation work in the country. Geotechnical and geophysical investigations required along with necessary number of tests, details of tests including methodology and precautions to be taken while carrying out these tests is elaborated in the various chapters of the technical documents. Finally guidelines for carrying appropriate geotechnical and geophysical Geotechnical/ Geophysical Investigations for seismic microzonation studies are laid out in the concluding chapter.For detailed report click here.

2. For flood protection, NDMA was associated for vulnerability study of Dumbur Dam of Dumbur HE Project, Tripura.The Joint Team comprising of experts drawn from CWC, CSRMS and NDMA inspected the Dumbur Dam and submitted the Report to Government of Tripura for compliance of recommendation.

3. References received from bureau of indian standards

Mitigation Division is receiving various references from the Bureau of Indian Standards, New Delhi. These references relate to formulation of new codes and also upgradation of various codes by way of amendments. NDMA offers its views on such references keeping in view the subject-matters being handled by NDMA such as disaster related codes.