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Session Presentation Name Presenter
Technical Session -1 Water-related Disaster Control Infrastructure in the Netherlands    Cees van de Guchte
Technical Session -1 Role of Water Resources Structures    A.B. Pandya
Technical Session -1 Managing risks in key infrastructure sectors- Disaster Control Infrastructure    Takeya Kimio
Technical Session -1 Integrated flood risk management: sponge city, basin wide and nature based solutions    Kenichi Yokoyama
Technical Session -1 Managing risks in key infrastructure sectors    Prof Jim Hall
Technical Session -1 Contribution of the Federal Office of Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance (Germany)    Ms Susanne Ursula Krings
Technical Session -1 Climate Resilience and Roads Innovations in Rural Roads Program in India    Ashok Kumar
Technical Session -1 Disaster Management in Electric Power Transmission Sector    Mr Anand Shankar
Technical Session -1 Improving Resilience of Transport Systems    Kamal Achuthan
Technical Session -1 System-of-systems framework for infrastructure risk assessment    Dr Raghav Pant
Technical Session -2A Resilient infrastructure: Risk metrics for disaster and climate risk informed investments    Mr Andrew Maskrey
Technical Session -2A Coastal Infrastructure and Network Resilience: Measurements and Metrics    Prof Bilal Ayyub
Technical Session -2A Theory and Practice of Risk Assessment    Mr Edward Anderson
Technical Session -2A Risk Assessment for Infrastructure    Prof. Ravi Sinha
Technical Session -2A Assestment Risk for Insfrastructure Chilean Contribution    Mariela Trujillo M.
Technical Session -2B Standards for Infrastructure    Australian Governemnt-
Department of Home
Technical Session -2B Climate Resilient Infrastructure: A Manual of Practice (MoP)    Prof Bilal Ayyub
Technical Session -2B Life-Cycle Resilience of Aging Bridges and Transportation Infrastructure Networks     Prof Fabio Biondini
Technical Session -2B Standards for Resilient Infrastructure     Mr. Stefan Kohler
Technical Session -2B Standards for Infrastructures: Some critical reflections    Dr Rajib Shaw
Technical Session -2B Maldives National Defence Force    Rep. of Maldives
Technical Session -3A Overview of Disaster Risk Finance    Ms. Samantha Cook
Technical Session -3A Securing financing for resilient development    Dr. Charlotte Benson
Technical Session -3A Financing infrastructure resilience    Dr Ila Patnaik
Technical Session -3A Risk Finance for Resilient Infrastructure & Building Back Better    Ms. Anna French
Technical Session -3A Infrastructure Financing in India    Mr Dhananjay Yellurkar
Technical Session -3B Reconstruction and recovery of critical infrastructure after disasters    Ms Setsuko Saya
Technical Session -3B Infrastructure Recovery and Reconstruction : Key issues       Mr Krishna S Vatsa
Technical Session -3B Disaster Management Practices and Recovery after 2015 Earthquake in Nepal
“Build Back Better"
Mr Mani Ram Gelal
Technical Session -3B Housing reconstruction an opportunity for Resilience Building       Mr Deepak Singh
Technical Session -3B Resilience in Disaster Response and Recovery    Dr. Tina Comes
Technical Session -3B The Republic of the Union of Myanmar, Ministry of Social Welfare,
Relief and Resettlement Department
Hla Kaythi Mar


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