National Disaster Management Authority


With a view to build on the outcomes of the AMCDRR 2016, the Government of India, in collaboration with the UNISDR will host an international workshop on the subject in New Delhi in December 2017. The workshop will bring together experts from partner countries, multilateral development banks, the United Nations, the private sector and academics to:

  • Take stock of good practices as a body of evidence in building the case for more investments for making infrastructure disaster resilient.
  • Identify critical gaps in current practices that would need to be addressed in the coming years.
  • Identify potential areas of collaboration along four themes:

    1. development of risk assessment methodologies, risk metrics and indicators of sustainability for different infrastructure classes;
    2. issues of standards, design and regulation for infrastructure development, operations and maintenance;
    3. financing for disaster resilient infrastructure including risk transfer mechanisms; and
    4. reconstruction and recovery of key infrastructure sectors after disasters.

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