National Disaster Management Authority Government of India


Operations Division

  1. The Operations Division was set up along with various other Divisions at the time of raising of NDMA. The Division is headed by an officer (Jt. Secretary) level and assisted by one Director, One Under Secretary and support staff.
  2. In order to render advice to the Govt. of India on the disaster situation at all times, NDMA needs to remain fully apprised on the latest updated information. For this critical activity, a Control Room is located at the NDMA Bhawan which is a repository for disaster specific information and data input facility. The Control Room is manned 24X7 and has a National Helpline (No. 1078). The Control Room shares critical disaster related inputs with the concerned states through video conferencing and other means and coordinates response activities.

Communication & IT Division

The Communication and IT Division has a role on various matters relating to setting up of Communication and IT related infrastructure. The Division has taken up a National Disaster Management Services (NDMS) Pilot Project. It also maintains social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, You Tube. Besides, it is responsible for providing advice on communication matters to NDRF.