National Disaster Management Authority Government of India



Empowering Stakeholders for Improving the Effectiveness
of Disaster Management in India


The National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA), headed by the Prime Minister of India, is the apex body for Disaster Management in India. Setting up of NDMA and the creation of an enabling environment for institutional mechanisms at the State and District levels is mandated by the Disaster Management Act, 2005.


India envisions the development of an ethos of Prevention, Mitigation and Preparedness. The Indian government strives to promote a national resolve to mitigate the damage and destruction caused by natural and man-made disasters, through sustained and collective efforts of all Government agencies, Non-Governmental Organizations and People’s participation. This is planned to be accomplished by adopting a Technology-Driven, Pro-Active, Multi-Hazard and Multi-Sectoral strategy for building a Safer, Disaster Resilient and Dynamic India.

The NDMA Logo reflects the aspirations of this National Vision, of empowering all stakeholders to improve the effectiveness of Disaster Management in India. The Map of India, embossed in gold, in the middle of the logo, circumscribed by the National Tricolor of Saffron, White and Green represents the aspiration to contain the potential threat of natural and man-made disasters through Capacity Development of all stakeholders. The outer circle is a Golden Ring of Partnership of all Stakeholders, whose hand holding is an expression of their solidarity to supplement the efforts of the Government. NDMA in the inner circle in tranquil Blue integrates the entire process by empowering all stakeholders at the local, district, state and national levels. NDMA will catalyze this Community Empowerment through institutional capacity development, strengthened public awareness and community resilience by mainstreaming disaster management in India.

Policy for considering request, for use of NDMA’s Logo

Policy for considering request, for use of NDMA’s logo during a Workshop/Conference/Programme/etc, from an organization, which has not sought any financial support from NDMA.

  • The request for use of NDMA’s logo (without any financial assistance) shall be submitted to NDMA three weeks prior to the date of the event, CBT division will process such request.
  • While submitting the proposal the organization shall share information about its activities including those in the field of Disaster Management (DM). In addition the organization shall also provide information/details about the activities to be carried out during the event, in the prescribed format.
  • While processing the request, NDMA shall ascertain the credentials of the Organizing Body/ Bodies.
  • Permission for the use of NDMA Logo may also be extended to Social/ Charitable Bodies or Association subject to condition that their programmes are related to disaster risk reduction activities.
  • Permission for use of logo would be granted by NDMA subject to the following conditions:
    1. The Workshop/ Conference/ Programme/ Seminar should contribute to disaster risk reduction or preparedness or emergency response in the District/ Region/ Country.
    2. The organization shall not charge registration fee etc. from officers of NDMA, NIDM, NDRF, MHA who would be nominated to attend such event.
    3. The organization shall not claim support of NDMA for their activities other than those for which permission of use of ‘NDMA’s Logo’ has been given.
    4. NDMA does not have obligations or commitment just because it permits the use of NDMA Logo.
    5. NDMA will not be liable for any acts of omission & commission of the organizer/s.
    6. The organizers shall themselves obtain all necessary clearances/permissions for holding the event.
    7. While giving publicity to the organization’s effort to the cause of DM, adequate publicity to NDMA’s efforts in the direction may also be ensured.