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Trauma Care

Medical Preparedness and Mass Casualty Management

India has suffered a number of natural and man-made disasters, which have led a large number of casualties. Medical Preparedness and Mass Casualty Management is one of the essential component of the disaster management.

NDMA has taken concerted steps to enhance preparedness in this important domain in partnership with the Ministry of health and Family Welfare and State Governments. Some projects like improving Ambulance Services in the State, up-gradation of Bio Safety Laboratories and creation of Trauma Centers are in the offing. To create awareness amongst stakeholders, mock exercise have also been conducted in Hospitals Prepares and Mass Casualty Management. These aspects have been comprehensively covered in the guidelines issued by NDMA on the subject.


Pilot Project on Advanced Trauma Life Support Project at JPNATC.

(Project Cost: Rs.1.18 Cr.)


NDMA in collaboration with Jai Prakash Narain Apex Trauma Centre (JPNATC) has undertaken a Pilot Project on Advanced Trauma Life Support Project at JPNATC. The project was designed to develop human resources to provide effective trauma care initially in the vulnerable and disaster prone states such as Assam, Bihar and Andhra Pradesh and to develop dedicated and well trained doctors, nurses and paramedics for trauma life support in order to meet the challenges of disaster situations. The Institute has submitted the draft report of the project indicating a total of 129 participants attended and completed training on Advanced Trauma Life Support. Besides 131 participants attended and completed the Rural Trauma Team Development Course. 53 Nurses have also successfully completed Advanced Trauma Care for Nurses course.