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Dr D N Sharma, Ph.D.

Member, National Disaster Management Authority

Date of Birth : 01.07.1951


Academic Qualification and Contribution

Dr. Sharma Joined BARC as Scientific Officer in July 1971 after successfully completing 14th batch of BARC training school. He is a recognised M.Sc./PhD guide at University of Mumbai and a no of candidates have completed their M.Sc. and Ph.D. under his able guidance.


System Development

During his tenure at BARC, contributed significantly in developing and nurturing all facets of radiological safety and in building pertinent monitoring and analytical techniques and systems for responding to a radiological or nuclear emergency / disaster in the public domain. Apart from a variety of monitoring systems under various situations, developed the widely and internationally acclaimed system "Aerial Gamma Spectrometer System" which forms the backbone of radiation/nuclear emergency/disaster preparedness of different response agencies at national level.

He is instrumental in persuading the GOI in deploying indigenously developed radiation monitors such as portal, limb and vehicle monitors, etc., at airports, seaports and border crossings of the country to help prevent illicit trafficking and unauthorized movement of Special Nuclear Materials [SNM] and radioactive materials. Another significant contribution towards environmental radiological safety is development and deployment of Indian Environment Radiation Monitoring Network [IERMON] across the country. This system serves as an important input provider in decision making during a radiation emergency/disaster.


Contribution towards Safety Review, Emergency Preparedness and Crisis Management

Dr. Sharma has been involved in safety review of both existing and upcoming DAE/ BARC projects and plants as Member of BARC Safety Council and Member of Safety Review Committee of Operating Plants [SARCOP] of Atomic Energy Regulatory Board [AERB]. As a member of RASSC, Radiation Safety Standards Committee, of IAEA contributed very significantly in review and finalization of International BSS (Basic Safety Standards)-2011 and reviewed a no of Safety fundamentals, Requirements, and Guides pertinent to Radiological Safety. From 1998 to 2013.

Initiated and played a pivotal role in design, development and commissioning of national level network of 22 Emergency Response Centres [ERC] in the country to provide effective response to radiation emergencies in a coordinated manner. Organised and conducted many training programmes for capacity build up at national level for National Disaster Response Force [NDRF], defence personnel and police force.

He has also served as member of Crisis Management Committees both at BARC and DAE level and is also a member of the MoEF committee constituted by GOI for environmental clearance to DAE facilities.
After serving BARC in various capacities he took charge as Director, Health, Safety and Environment Group – BARC in February 2013 and served the DAE in this capacity before joining NDMA in January 2015.



Dr. Sharma has contributed to the field of health and safety aspects of ionising radiation through technical and scientific research papers [about 200 in number] in journals, international and national conferences.
He is a recipient of Indian Nuclear Society's Outstanding Service Award for 'Nuclear Fuel Technologies, including Radiation Safety and Environmental Protection' in the year 2011.