National Disaster Management Authority Government of India

Role and Responsibilities

Finance Division’s role and responsibilities are:


  • Formulation of budget estimates of the NDMA.
  • Watch and review the progress of expenditure against sanctioned grants through maintenance of control registers/MIS.
  • Advise NDMA on all matters falling within the field of delegated powers.
  • Associate closely with the formulation of schemes and important expenditure proposals from their initial stages.
  • To watch settlement of audit objections, Inspection Reports, Draft Audit paragraphs etc.
  • To ensure prompt action on Audit Reports, Reports of Public Accounts Committee (PAC) and Estimates Committee.
  • To ensure timely submission of periodical reports and returns.
  • To be associated with the evaluation of progress / performance in the case of projects and other continuing schemes and to see that the results of such evaluation studies are taken into account in the budget formulation.
  • To screen all expenditure proposals requiring to be referred to the Ministry of Home Affairs / Ministry of Finance for concurrence or comments.