National Disaster Management Authority Government of India

Aapda Mitra-scheme for training Volunteers


Subject: NDMA Scheme for training community volunteers in disaster response in selected 30 most flood prone districts of India (Aapda Mitra)

1. The undersigned is directed to inform that the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) has approved a centrally sponsored scheme focussed on training 6000 community volunteers in disaster response in 30 most flood prone districts (200 volunteers per district) of 25 States of India details of the identified districts falling under the scheme. The districts have been identified taking into account occurrence of floods in the past. The State Governments may accept these identified districts or in their opinion if they find some other district more flood prone and vulnerable, they may indicate their preference, citing reasons.

2. The said scheme aims to provide the community volunteers with the skills that they would need to respond to their community’s immediate needs in the aftermath of a disaster thereby enabling them to undertake basic relief and rescue tasks during emergency situations such as floods, flash-floods and urban flooding.

3. Under the scheme, standardised training modules will be developed at the national level and training institutions will be identified at the state level which will impart training to the selected volunteers from the project districts.

4. The Scheme Document outlining the objectives, targets, outcomes, methodology, implementation strategy and role of stakeholders is enclosed. Details

5. The document on standard operating procedure for implementation of the scheme at the State/District level is enclosed. Details

6. The draft Memorandum of Understanding between NDMA and Project State /SDMA.

7. The Project States/State Disaster Management Authorities (SDMAs) are requested to send the proposal to NDMA indicating their interest in rolling out the scheme in the identified districts within 10 days of the receipt of notification of the said scheme.

The above notification stands issued with the approval of competent authority.


  (Under Secretary to the Government of India)