National Disaster Management Authority

IWDRI 2018: Sessions

Day -1 (15th Jan, 2018)

Opening Ceremony

TS1: Disaster Resilient Infrastructure: Opportunities & Challenges

TS1: Managing Risks in Key Infrastructure Sectors

TS-1.2 Managing Risks in Key infrastructure Sectors; Transport & Energy (Part1)

TS-1.2 Managing Risks in Key Infrastructure Sectors; Transport & Energy (Part 2)

TS-2A: Risk Assessment for Infrastructure


Day -2 (16th Jan, 2018)

TS-2B: Standards for Infrastructure (Part-1)

TS-2B: Standards for Infrastructure (Part-2)

TS-3A: Financing Disaster Resilient Infra

TS-3A: Financing Disaster Resilient Infrastructure

TS-3B: Recovery and Reconstruction

Closing Ceremony
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