Prime Minister’s Ten Point Agenda on Disaster Risk Reduction

PM 10 point


Sl No. Agenda Point
1 All development sectors must imbibe the principles of disaster risk management
2 Risk coverage must include all, starting from poor households to SMEs to multi-national corporations to nation states
Women’s leadership and greater involvement should be central to disaster risk management
4 Invest in risk mapping globally to improve global understanding of Nature and disaster risks
5 Leverage technology to enhance the efficiency of disaster risk management efforts
6 Develop a network of universities to work on disaster-related issues
7 Utilise the opportunities provided by social media and mobile technologies for disaster risk reduction
8 Build on local capacity and initiative to enhance disaster risk reduction
9 Make use of every opportunity to learn from disasters and, to achieve that, there must be studies on the lessons after every disaster
10 Bring about greater cohesion in international response to disasters