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Emergency Kit

Have a disaster emergency kit ready

  • Torch with fresh batteries and spare batteries
  • Candles, lighter, waterproof matches
  • Soap, antiseptic (e.g. Dettol), alcohol hand sanitizer, plastic gloves and face mask (if possible)
  • Bottle of water and several non-perishable packaged food items (e.g. dry fruit / nuts / biscuits)
  • Spare clothing and footwear
  • Medical kit: bandage, topical antibiotic and antiseptic, sticking plaster, essential medicines for any existing medical conditions, common medicines
  • Insect repellant, mosquito net, wet wipes, sanitary goods, toiletries as necessary
  • Plastic bucket or additional plastic bottle for transporting clean drinking and washing water
  • Your list of National / City emergency contact numbers, family member telephone numbers, contact point, email addresses etc
  • Important documents, passport, insurance details, house deeds, bank details, medical prescriptions, certificates
  • Spare waterproof plastic bag