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Do's for Protection from Landslides:

  • Prepare tour to hilly region according to information given by weather department or news channel.
  • Move away from landslide and avalanche path quickly without wasting time.
  • Listen for unusual sounds such as trees cracking or boulders knocking together.
  • Stay alert, awake and active (A-3) during the impact or probability of impact.
  • Go to or locate public shelters,
  • Try to stay with your family and companions.
  • Check for injured and trapped persons.
  • Mark path of tracking so that you can’t be lost in middle of the forest.
  • Know how to give signs or how to communicate during emergency time to flying helicopters and rescue team.

Don'ts for Protection from Landslides:

  • Try to avoid staying in vulnerable hotel, guest house etc. near riverbank, steep slope.
  • Do not panic and loose energy by crying.
  • Don’t touch or walk over loose material and electrical wiring or pole.
  • Don’t built houses near steep slopes and near drainage path.
  • Don’t drink contaminated water directly from rivers, springs, wells but rain water if collected directly without is fine.
  • Don’t eat wild fruits or things not known to you,
  • Don’t move an injured person without rendering first aid unless the casualty is in immediate danger.