IT & Communication Projects

Communication & IT Sub- Division

The Comn & IT sub-division is responsible for provisioning of State-of-the-art multi-redundancy communication, IT Support and Knowledge Management. Following Projects have been conceived by the Sub Div.

On Going Projects:

  • COMMON ALERTING PROTOCOL BASED INTEGRATED ALERT SYSTEM (समेकितचेतावनीतंत्र: सचेत): There is a need for speedy dissemination of disaster alerts to maximum persons in order to ensure preparedness, both by the common person as well as the responding agencies. The components of this cycle are the Alert Generating Agencies (IMD, CWC, FSI, DGRE, INCOIS etc), the warning/alert disseminating agencies (cellular network, radio, television, Internet, Satellite etc) and the recipients of this warning (general public and the responders). The efficient workflow of this chain is monitored by the Disaster Management Authorities at the National as well as State level.

    NDMA has conceived a National Project “COMMON ALERTING PROTOCOL BASED INTEGRATED ALERT SYSTEM (SACHET)” to integrate the Alert Generating Agencies (IMD, CWC, INCOIS, DGRE, FSI), Alert Disseminating Agencies (TSPs, TV, Radio, Cable TV, Social media, Indian Railways, Coastal Sirens, GAGAN &NavICetc) and the Disaster Management Authorities (SDMAs) on a CAP based platform. After a successful Pilot Project implemented in Tamil Nadu, Pan India implementation of Phase I of the CAP Project has been sanctioned by the Government.

    The Project is being implemented by Center for Development of Telematics (C-DOT). The MoU for CAP Project (Phase I) has been signed with C-DOT and Work Order issued on 23 Aug 2021. The Project is extended upto 31.03.2024.The Scheme is completely funded by NDMA.

  • EXTENSION OF ERSS (DIAL 112) FOR DISASTER EMERGENCIES”: Emergency Response Support System (ERSS) is a Pan-India single number (112) based emergency response system for citizens in emergencies. Citizens can request help through Voice Call, SOS, SMS, Email, Web Request and Panic buttons on a mobile app to request for immediate assistance pertaining to events related to Police assistance, Fire, Ambulance, Women protection, Child safety. Currently ERSS does not support emergency calls related to Disasters. The ERSS is not integrated with the SEOCs and Disaster Responders.

    In order to implement the vision of honorable PM for ‘Single Distress Number for all emergencies across the country’, NDMA has conceived the Project “Extension of ERSS (Dial112) for Disaster Emergencies”, which shall extend the present ERSS system to cater for Disaster Emergencies.

    Centre for Development of Advanced Computing(CDAC) has been nominated to implement the Scheme. The MoU for this Project has been signed with CDAC and Work order issued on 02 Aug 2021. The Project is extended upto 31.03.2024. The Scheme is completely funded by NDMA.
    • NDMS Pilot Project: NDMA has implemented a pilot project to create a satellite based National Management Communication Network covering the following locations:-
      • National Level - 03 (MHA, NDMA & NDRF HQ)
      • States/UTs - 36 (All State Capitals and / UT Administration HQs)
      • Selected Vulnerable Districts - 81 Nos
      The aim of the project is to provide failsafe communication by facilitating voice/data communication amongst EOCs of vulnerable Districts, respective State HQs, MHA, NDMA, NDRF HQ and disaster sites through satellite in case of failure of terrestrial network due to any disaster. Each Site has been provided a fixed VSAT terminal and an ISAT Phone. The Project has been completed on 31 March 2019 and handed over to the States/UTs.
    • Common Alerting Protocol (Pilot) Project: The pilot project implemented in Tamil Nadu. It had the facility for dissemination of location based targetted alerts/ warnings through SMS in vernacular language. A proof of Concept for Cell Broadcast has also been carried out. This project implemented through DoT and C-DOT. The Project has been completed on 20 March 2021.
    • Web Based Training: The project aims at enhancing capacity building in disaster management through web based training modules and courses. Odisha State Open University (OSOU) has executed this Project. The Project has been completed on 31 March 2021.
    • Capacity Building of EOCs: The project aims at Capacity Building of Emergency Operation centers (EOCs) of the states by providing them one time financial assistance for procurement of equipment and training. Funds have been transferred to States on 28 Nov 2019 for implementation of Project. The Project has been completed in December 2021.