MoHFW: Medical & Health

S No. Title Download/ Link
1 MoHFW: Revised Advisory for managing Health Care Workers (HCWs) working in COVID and Non-COVID areas of the Health Care Facilities Download(361 KB)
2 Revised Guidelines for International Arrivals dated 7th January 2022 Download(201 KB)
3 MoHFW: FAQs on SARS-CoV-2 Variant-Omicron Download(303 KB)
4 MoHFW - MoHFW: Guidelines for Management of COVID-19 in Children.(18.06.21) Download(783 KB)
5 MoHFW - MoHFW: Guidelines on Operationalisation of COVID care services for children and adolescents.(16.06.21) Download(2.59 MB)
6 MoHFW - Revised Guidelines for implementation of National COVID Vaccination Program.(08.06.21) Download(330 KB)
7 MoHFW - SOPs on Administration of Second Dose of Covishield Vaccine Prior to Prescribed Time Interval (after 28 days but before 84 days) to persons intending to undertake international travel for education purpose, for joining employment in foreign countries and for India’s contingent to Tokyo Olympics.(07.06.21) Download(42 KB)
8 MoHFW - Advisory for Rational use of Remdesivir for COVID-19 Treatment. (07.06.21) Download(340 KB)
9 MoHFW - Clinical Guidance on Diagnosis and Management of Diabetes at COVID-19 Patient Management facility.(01.06.21) Download(1.85 MB)
10 MoHFW - Guidelines on near to Home COVID Vaccination Centres for Elderly & Differently Abled Citizens (27.05.21) Download(582 KB)
11 MoHFW - Updated Detailed Clinical Management Protocol for adult cases of COVID19 (24.5.21) Download(357 KB)
12 MoHFW - Revised COVID-19 Clinical Management Protocol Algorithm (Adults) Download(357 KB)
13 MoHFW - SOP on COVID-19 Containment & Management in Peri-urban, Rural & Tribal areas Download(470 KB)
14 MoHFW - SOPs on COVID-19 Vaccination of Persons without prescribed Identity Cards through CoWIN Download(36 KB)
15 MoHFW - Revised Guidelines for Home Isolation of Mild/Asymptomatic Covid-19 Cases Download(1002 KB)
16 Augmenting Human resources for COVID – 19 Download(71 KB)
17 Renewal of Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Package: Insurance Scheme for Health Workers fighting COVID-19 w.e.f. 24.04.2021 for a further period of 180 days Download(1248 KB)
18 MoHFW order dated 25.4.21 for Implementation Framework for community containment/large containment areas Download(2069 KB)
19 Revised guidelines for Home Isolation of mild /asymptomatic COVID-19 cases Download(181 KB)
20 Protocol for Management of Covid - 19 in the Paediatric Age Group Download(259 KB)
21 Clinical Guidance for Management of Adult Covid-19 Patients Download(161 KB)
22 COVID 19 Proning for Self care Download(8160 KB)
23 Post COVID management protocol Download(0148 KB)
24 MoHFW Advisory about Covid 19 for RWAs of Gated Residential Complexes   Download(0132 KB)
25 Revised guidelines for Home Isolation of very mild/ pre-symptomatic/ asymptomatic COVID-19 cases Download(0485 KB)
26 ICMR Guidelines Empowering Citizens for Testing SARS- Cov-2 Virus Download(1860 KB)
27 MoHFW Order Dt. 04.06.2020 on SOP on preventive measures to contain the spread of Covid-19 Download(0800 KB)
28 MoHF&W Guidelines Dated 17.5.20 about categorisation of districts as hotspot, red, orange or green zone Download(2448 KB)
29 MoHF&W Clarification Dated 12.5.20 About Pool Sampling Download(0515 KB)
30 MoHF&W Revised Discharge Policy for COVID 19 Patients/ Pre Symptomatic Cases Download(0485 KB)
31 MoH&FW Additional guidelines for quarantine/ isolation in private facilities Download(0589 KB)
32 Guidelines for Home Isolation of very mild or Pre Symptomatic COVID Cases  Download(0142 KB)
33 The Epidemic Diseases (Amendment), Ordinance, 2020  Download(1450 KB)
34 MoHFW letter on list of current Hotspots and their containment Download(6755 KB)
35 Containment Plan for Large Outbreaks of COVID-19 Download(0292 KB)
36 Advisory on rapid antibody based blood test Download(1538 KB)
37 MoHFW advisory on home made masks Download(0926 KB)
38 MoHFW Revised Clinical Management Guidelines for COVID - 19 Download(0251 KB)
39 MoHFW COVID-19-Psycho-Social-Behavioural Resources Link
40 Click here for more information (