NDMA Guidelines

S No. Title Release Date Download
1 Guidelines on Management of Glacial Lake Outburst Floods (GLOFs)new Oct 2020 Download(11.21 MB)
1.a Compendium of Task Force Report on NDMA Guidelines on Management of Glacial Lake Outburst Floods (GLOFs) Oct 2020 Download(12.70 MB)
1.b Summary for Policy Makers on NDMA Guidelines on Management of GLOFs Oct 2020 Download(04.01 MB)
2 Guidelines for Preparation of Action Plan - Prevention and Management of Heat Wave Oct 2019 Download(45.74 MB)
3 Landslide Risk Management Strategy Sept 2019 Download(12.48 MB)
4 Guidelines on Disability Inclusive Disaster Risk Reduction Sept 2019 Download(64.63 MB)
5 Guidelines on Temporary Shelters for Disaster-Affected Families Sept 2019 Download(09.86 MB)
6 Guidelines on Prevention & Management of Thunderstorm & Lightning/Squall/Dust/Hailstorm & Strong Winds March 2019 Download(09.55 MB)
7 Guidelines on Boat Safety Sept 2017 Download(04.40 MB)
8 Guidelines on Cultural Heritage Sites and Precincts Sept 2017 Download(21.45 MB)
9 Guidelines on Museums May 2017 Download(02.12 MB)
10 Guidelines on Minimum Standards of Relief Feb 2016 Download(03.00 MB)
11 Guidelines on Hospital Safety Feb 2016 Download(03.22 MB)
12 Guidelines on School Safety Policy Feb 2016 Download(02.50 MB)
13 Guidelines on Seismic Retrofitting of Deficient Buildings and Structures. June 2014 Download(01.25 MB)
14 Guidelines on Scaling, Type of Equipment and Training of Fire Services April 2012 Download(02.61 MB)
15 Guidelines on National Disaster Management Information and Communication System Feb 2012 Download(06.00 MB)
16 Guidelines on Management of Drought Sept 2010 Download(01.40 MB)
17 Guidelines on Management of Urban Flooding Sept 2010 Download(14.35 MB)
18 Guidelines on Management of Dead in the Aftermath of Disaster Aug 2010 Download(01.40 MB)
19 Guidelines on Management of Tsunamis Aug 2010 Download(01.40 MB)
20 Guidelines on Incident Response System  July 2010 Download(08.97 MB)
21 Guidelines on Psycho-Social Support and Mental Health Services in Disasters Dec 2009 Download(0748 KB)
22 Guidelines on Management of Landslides and Snow Avalanches June 2009 Download(03.39 MB)
23 Guidelines on Management of Nuclear and Radiological Emergencies Feb 2009 Download(01.65 MB)
24 Guidelines on Management of Biological Disasters July 2008 Download(03.23 MB)
25 Guidelines on Management of Cyclones April 2008  Download(04.52 MB)
26 Guidelines on Management of Floods Jan 2008 Download(05.84 MB)
27 Guidelines on Medical Preparedness and Mass Casualty Management Oct 2007 Download(60.24 MB)
28 Guidelines on Preparation of State Disaster Management Plans July 2007 Download(05.84 MB)
29 Guidelines on Chemical Disasters April 2007 Download(01.67 MB)
30 Guidelines on Management of Earthquakes April 2007 Download(03.16 MB)