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Biological Disaster

A. Plan for Family Biological Disaster Plan

B. Preparation by ensuring prevention measures:-

a). Personal cleanliness - daily bath, don’t grow long nails and wear clean clothes.

(b) Hand Hygiene (Wash hands with soap and water before preparing food or eating, after passing stools, coughing or sneezing). The steps of hand washing are:-

Step 1 : Wash palms and fingers

Step 2 : Wash back of hands

Step 3 :Wash fingers and knuckles

Step 4 : Wash thumbs

Step 5 : Wash fingertips

Step 6 : Wash wrists

(c) Eat nutritious and balanced food.

(d) Immunisation state should be upto date.

(e) Prevent overcrowding.

(f) Good ventilation

(g) Protect from hot and cold weather.

(h) Health Education.

(i) Surveillance.