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Urban Flood

What to do before a Urban Flood

To prepare for a Urban Flood, you should:

  • Do not litter waste, plastic bags, plastic bottles in drains
  • Try to be at home if high tide and heavy rains occur simultaneously
  • Listen to weather forecast at All India Radio, Doordarshan. Also, messages by Municipal bodies from time to time and act accordingly.
  • Evacuate low line areas and shift to safer places.
  • Make sure that each person has lantern, torch, some edibles, drinking water, dry clothes and necessary documents while evacuating or shifting.
  • Make sure that each family member has identity card.
  • Put all valuables at a higher place in the house.

In the Flood Situation

  • Obey orders by government and shift to a safer place.
  • Be at safe place and they try to collect correct information.
  • Switch of electrical supply and don’t touch open wires.
  • Don’t get carried away by rumors and don not spread rumors.