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What to do before a flood

To prepare for a flood, you should:

  • Make sure your family members and neighbors understand the dangers in the area, share the messages of water safety, prepare your flood emergency plan
  • Understand the flood path and the possible sequence of flooding in your area
  • Make your evacuation plan and share it with all your family
  • Inspect your escape route for obstructions and remove them wherever possible
  • Inspect your home for weaknesses and help to protect your doors, drains and access points with tarpaulin or sandbags
  • Agree with your family a safe meeting space, outside your home – in case your family becomes separated – share with your children
  • Agree with your family a common telephone number to call (e.g. friend in non-flood affected area) should anyone become displaced, lose phone, or be unable to make contact
  • Prepare lists of important telephone numbers / email addresses, / social network information e.g. for your family and friends, in case mobile phones become lost or wet