MHA Orders & Guidelines

S No. Title Download/ Link
1 MHA DO Dt. 25.11.2020 to all CSs reg Guidelines on Surveilance- Containment and Cautionnew Download(8144 KB)
2 MHA Order Dt 27.10.20 extending validity of Guidelines for re-opening dt 30.09.20 Download(0444 KB)
3 MHA Order Dt. 30.9.2020 on guidelines for re-opening Download(7512 KB)
4 MHA Letter dated 23.9.20 regarding items and norms of assistance under SDRF for Covid 19 containment measures Download(0062 KB)
5 MHA Order and Guidelines for Phased Re-opening (Unlock 4) dated 29.8.2020  Download(6920 KB)
6 MHA Order Dt. 22.8.2020 with revised SOP for international travel on non-scheduled international flights under Vande Bharat Scheme and Air transport Bubble arrangement Download(1000 KB)
7 MHA Order dated 29.07.20 on Unlock 3 guidelines Download(6303 KB)
8 MHA order dated 29.06.2020 on Unlock 2 guidelines  Download(5676 MB)
9 MHA Order Dt. 30.5.2020 with guidelines on extension of LD in Containment Zones and phased reopening Download(5711 MB)
10 MHA Order Dt. 24.5.2020 with revised SOP for movement of Indian Nationals stranded outside the country and for specified persons to travel abroad Download(4159 MB)
11 MHA DO Lr. Dt. 20.5.2020 to Chief Secretaries reg. exemption for conduct of Board Examinations Download(0621 MB)
12 MHA Order Dt. 20.5.2020 reg. amendment in the guidelines (deletion of domestic air travel of passengers) Download(0548 MB)
13 MHA's Revised SOP dated 19.5.20 about movement of stranded labourers by train Download(1171 MB)
14 MHA letter dated 18.5.20 to states regarding arrangements for migrant labourers Download(1262 MB)
15 MHA order Dated 17.5.20 regarding extension of lock down beyond 17.5.20 Download(6886 MB)
16 MHA D.O. Letter dated 16.5.20 about National Migrant Information System(NMIS) Download(3326 MB)
17 MHA DO Lr. Dt. 15.5.2020 to Chief Secretaries requesting to ensure no movement of migrants on roads and railway tracks Download(0803 MB)
18 MHA Letter Dated 14.5.20 about Arrangements of Buses for Passengers Arriving by Special Trains Download(0501 MB)
19 MHA D.O. Letter Dated 11.5.20 About Movement of Stranded Migrant Workers by Shramik Special Trains and Buses Download(0748 MB)
20 MHA D.O. Letter about Un Hindered Inter state Movement of Health Care Personnel Download(0876 MB)
21 MHA SOP Dated 11.5.20 About Movement of Passengers by Trains Download(1100 MB)
22 MHA SOP dated 5.5.20 regarding movement of stranded persons between India and abroad Download(2700 MB)
23 MHA order and guidelines dated 1.5.2020 about extension of lock down beyond 4.5.2020 Download(9150 MB)
24 MHA guidelines dated 01.05.2020 about movement of migrant labourers ,student and pilgrims by special train Download(0160 KB)
25 MHA Clarification Dated 30.4.20 about Inter State Movement of Goods Vehicle Download(0666 KB)
26 MHA guidelines dated 29.4.20 about movement of migrant labourers , student and pilgrims Download(1310 KB)
27 MHA order dated 24.4.2020 regarding opening of shops Download(0811 KB)
28 MHA Clarification dated 23.4.2020 about Guidelines dated 15.4.2020 Download(1347 KB)
29 MHA Second Clarification dated 21.4.2020 about Guidelines dated 15.4.2020 Download(2412 KB)
30 MHA Clarification dated 21.4.2020 about Guidelines dated 15.4.2020 Download(0614 KB)
31 Addendum-2 dated 19.4.2020 to MHA order and guidelines dated 15.4.2020 and 16.4.2020 Download(0693 KB)
32 D.O Letter Dated 19.4.2020 of Union Home Secreatary to C.Ss of all States not to dilute the guidelines dated 15.4.2020 Download(0735 KB)
33 SOP for movement of migrant labourers dated 19.4.20 by MHA Download(1173 KB)
34 Addendum dated 19.4.2020 to MHA order and guidelines dated 15.4.2020 and 16.4.2020 Download(0530 KB)
35 Addendum dated 16.4.2020 to MHA order and guidelines dated 15.4.2020 Download(0698 KB)
36 MHA Consolidated Revised guidelines on measures for containment of COVID-19 Download(5280 KB)
37 MHA order on extension of lockdown period Download(1697 KB)
38 MHA order dated 12.4.2020 about movement of Trucks Download(1512 KB)
39 Order about visit of community leaders to relief camp for psycho social care Download(1532 KB)
40 5th addendum to MHA consolidated guidelines Download(1028 KB)
41 Advisory on ensuring supply of essential items Download(0741 KB)
42 MHA guidelines for smooth transportation of Medical Oxygen Cylinder/ Tanker Download(1323 KB)
43 Clarification on exemptions during lock down Download(0498 KB)
44 Arrangement at Banks during disbursement under PMGKY Download(4952 KB)
45 Consolidated MHA Guidelines for Containment of COVID 19 Download(0528 KB)
46 MHA Order for Restriction of Movement of Migrants Download(1332 KB)
47 2nd Addendum to MHA Order Download(0973 KB)
48 MHA SOP for maintaining essential services Download(1812 KB)
49 Addendum to MHA Order Download(1271 KB)
50 MHA Order dated-24-03-2020 Download(0223 KB)
51 Guidelines Download(2729 KB)
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