NDMA Orders & Advisories

S No. Title Download/ Link
1 Member (Secretary), NDMA D.O. Letter to the Chief Secretaries of All States about Guidelines for restarting the Manufacturing Industries  new Download(0262 KB)
2 COVID-19: Revised Do's & Don'ts new Download(0550 KB)
3 NDMA order dated 1.5.2020 regarding extension of lockdown for 2 more weeks after 4.5.2020 Download(0626 KB)
4 Heat Wave: Do's and Dont's during Covid-19 Download(1478 KB)
5 NDMA Order 14.4.2020 about extension of measures for social distancing up 3rd May Download(0786 KB)
6 Do's and Don’ts for Sanitation Workers and Supervisors for COVID – 19 Download(0350 KB)
7 Do's and Dont's for DM workers and professionals Download(0118 KB)
8 Psychosocial Care Advisory for DM Authorities and Employers Download(0153 KB)
9 NDMA Letter dtd 31.3.20 to all SDMAs about Coordination with Civil Society Organisations/NGOs Download(0141 KB)
10 Booklet on Do's & Dont's and FAQs on COVID 19 Download(13.4 MB)
11 NDMA advisory to SDMAs dated 28.03.2020 Download(0550 KB)
12 NDMA Order on lockdown dated 24.03.2020 Download(0043 KB)
13 Do's and Dont's on COVID-19 Link
14 FAQs on COVID-19 Link
15 How to use PPE? Link
16 COVID-19 Advisory - 17.03.2020 Download(0888 KB)
17 COVID-19 Advisory - 05.03.2020 Download(1671 KB)
18 COVID-19 Advisory - 04.02.2020 Download(0916 KB)