Technical Session-1 - Early Warning and Climate Services

Title Speaker Download PPT
Weather Services and Effectiveness of Heat Wave Warnings Dr M Mohapatra, DG, IMD Download(6.25 MB)
Future Climate Projections for Heat Waves Dr. Roxy Mathew Koll, IITM, Pune Download(2.8 MB)
Health-Based Thresholds for Early Warning Systems Shri Abhiyant Tiwari, NRDC India Download(3.1 MB)


Technical Session-2 - Health Impacts of Heatwave

Title Speaker Download PPT
Health Impacts of Heatwave and Preparedness Measures Dr. Harshal Salve, AIIMS, New Delhi Download(2.2 MB)
Mechanism of Data Collection and Sharing for Heatwave Related Morbidity & Mortality and Preparedness & Mitigation Measures Dr. Aakash Srivastava, NCDC, and
Dr. Purvi Patel, NCDC
Download(3 MB)
Health Sector Data Collection for Cities Dr. Dileep Mavalankar, IIPH Gandhinagar Download(3.1 MB)
Impact of Heat Waves on All-Cause Mortality in India Dr. Siddartha Mandal, Scientist, CCDC Download(1.67 MB)


Technical Session-3 - Impact of Heatwaves on Infrastructure & Production Sectors and Mitigation Strategies

Title Speaker Download PPT
Risks to Critical Infrastructure due to Extreme Heat Shri Amit Prothi, DG, CDRI Delhi Download(4.2 MB)
Impact and Risk Mitigation of Extreme Heat on Agriculture Dr.V K Sehgal, IARI, New Delhi and
Dr. Sanjoy K Bandyopadhyay, IARI
Download(6.6 MB)
Heatwave Challenges to Livestock and Mitigation Measures Dr Vijay Teotia and Dr. Sujit Dutta, DAHD, Govt of India Download(575 KB)
Model Heat Action Plan for Indian Cities Dr Rajashree Kotharkar, VNIT Nagpur Download(3.9 MB)
Heat Wave Risk Assessment Using an Indicator-Based Approach: Subdistrict levels Analysis of Maharashtra State Prof Parmeshwar Udmale, IIT Bombay Download(4.4 MB)
Affordable Strategies to Reduce Heat Stress in Urban Housing Prof. Minu Aggarwal, CEPT Download(1.4 MB)
Sectoral Burden of Rising Heat: Ministry of Road Transport and Highway Shri Alok Kumar and
Shri Vikram Mittu
Download(922 KB)
Sectoral Burden of Rising Heat: Ministry of Railways Shri Utkarsh, Executive Director (Safety) Download(1.5 MB)
Sectoral Burden of Rising Heat: Power Sector Shri Alok Kumar, Senior General Manager Grid India Download(2.6 MB)


Technical Session-4 - Experience Sharing of Heatwave Management: Voices From the Field

Title Speaker Download PPT
Sharing of Experience of Extreme Heat Management at local level Dr. Sujeet Kumar Yadav, Chief Medical Superintendent, Ballia, UP Download(5.5 MB)
Sharing of Experience of Extreme Heat Management at local level Shri Ramveer Tanwar, Pondman (Say Earth), Delhi Download(8.1 MB)
Sharing of Experience of Extreme Heat Management at local level Shri Ravindra Kumar, DM, Bareilly, UP Download(4.5 MB)
Sharing of Experience of Extreme Heat Management at local level Shri Kunal Aggarwal, IG, SDRF, West Bengal Download(1.2 MB)
Challenges of Urban Heat Management and Heat Resilient Cost-Effective Urban Design Strategies Ms. Minni Sastry UNEP, Delhi Download(5 MB)


Technical Session-5 - Urban Heat Island (UHI) and Impact on Vulnerable Communities: Preparedness and Mitigation

Title Speaker Download PPT
Experience Sharing of Heatwave Management Brig. Kuldeep Kumar Ashta. Medical Hospital Jalandhar Download(2.3 MB)
Experience Sharing of Heatwave Management Maj (Dr.) Vishnu Prasad R, OC, SHO Jodhpur Download(1.6 MB)
Experience Sharing of Heatwave Management Lt. Col Devendra Dodeja, Army Syndicate Download(3 MB)
Impact of Heat on Vulnerable Slum Communities & Possible Solutions Shri Siraj Hirani, MHT Download(1.2 MB)
Community Based Heat Assessment and Actions for Vulnerable Community Shri Manu Gupta, SEEDS Download(5 MB)
Listening to the Affected People Engaged in Supporting Services, Construction and Informal Sector Enterprises Ms Laxmi & Ms Raziya Download(2.6 MB)


Technical Session-6 - Heat Action Plans (HAPs) - Preparedness and Mitigation Strategies

Title Speaker Download PPT
Past Learnings and Next Generation City Heat Action Plan Dr. Mahaveer Golechha, IIPH, Gandhinagar Download(2.1 MB)
Nagar Van Yojna- Role in Heat Wave Management Shri Sanjay Kumar Shukla, I/C NAEB, GreenIndia Mission, MoEFCC and Member Secretary, Central Zoo Authority Download(1.5 MB)
SOP for Developing City Heat Action Plan Shri Rohit Magotra, IRADe, New Delhi Download(7.1 MB)
Evaluation of HAPs Shri Aditya Valiathan Pillai, Sustainable Futures Collaborative, Delhi Download(1 MB)
Role of Passive buildings for long term urban heat mitigation Dr. Ashok B Lall Download(1.7 MB)
India Cooling Action Plan Shri Aditya Narayan Singh, Scientist F, Ozone Cell, MoEFCC Download(1 MB)


WRAP-UP SESSION- Mainstreaming Mitigation Strategies

Title Speaker Download PPT
National Heatwave Mitigation Strategy Dr. Krishna S. Vatsa, Member, NDMA Download(292 KB)

Day 2- 14.02.2024



Day 1- 13.02.2024



Program Schedule National Workshop on Heat Wave 2024, Vigyan Bhavan, New Delhi, 13-14 February, 2024. (Download)